Portrait / Fashion / Artistic / Commercial / Personal / Travel / Documentary

From writing to directing, through photography, let me accompany you in your personal or professional story!
Our world rhymes today with speed and productivity. Can art, a reflection of each person, still live in so little space?

Rediscover Art.


Any story that needs to come to life through film requires a perfect alchemy of each element for its essence to be read. Whatever the nature of your film, let’s work together to develop this recipe.



Finding the words, knowing how to tell a story, a well written project is a project that starts well!
« Convenience encompasses many aspects of our lives, that of time, that of consciousness. That of our brain, which is now coded to function linearly, horizontally, to be convenient, but which rebels our heart, furious to want to live a little too. »



Another visual in a sea of visuals? From portraiture to staging, we can do more than that! My experience both in front of and behind the camera allows me a complete approach to the captured moment.

PRICING (contact for special request)

– 1 hour photoshoot
– Digital delivery / fully edited photos
– 150

– 2 hours photoshoot
– Digital delivery / fully edited photos
– 250€

-One hour underwater photoshoot.
-Digital delivery / fully-edited photos
– 350$

ART or THERAPY, you don’t have to choose.

Need to express & meet yourself ?
Let’s talk about it with a FREE consultation !

This first rdv is a safe place for you to speak about your needs and story, whether its personal or professional. I will give you a direct feedback about my understanding, vision and advices. You will receive a proposition for the services I propose to your situation.

THIS service is a specific global approach : I CREATE SPECIFIC PROJECT DEPENDING ON EACH PERSON & Her STORY. WHAT CAN BE INCLUDED: graphology, BREATHWORK, ENERGETIC CARE, PHOTO/VIDEOSHOOTS, talks, writing, readings, etc.

A specification is good. Based on a human exchange, it is even better. My artistic approach places the human being at the center of any project, it is in my eyes and according to my experience the essence of a success, whatever the objectif. Communication plays a key role and the synergy that can result from it seems to me even more important than the purely technical aspects.